When you worship at St. Paul's, we often print the message, "If you're new here, please don't feel feel obligated to put anything in the offering, it's gift enough that you're here this morning!" We mean this! No one wants to feel "hit up" when they worship at a new church! 

But you might also hear, "But it's also a part of our faith to be giving with all that God has given us." This is also true. God doesn't bless us to hoard and keep it, but to give it away to bless others. Hence we receive a weekly offering and also offer automatic online giving which can be done one time or on any regular schedule you want!
For many folks, this makes giving very easy and more importantly, it assures that the generous lifestyle they desire to live is done on a regular basis!  (Click here to check out a cute video we created to celebrate "Beach Giving!") Or if you prefer traditional offering envelopes be mailed to you, click here to email St. Paul's Financial Secretary.)  

The last thing you'll almost always hear at St. Paul's before the offering is THANK YOU!  St. Paul's ministry of blessing people's life and faith would literally come to a grinding halt without the generous giving of many, many people!
    What does the Bible say about giving?
  • 1 Corinthians 9:6-8 reminds us of the blessings of giving when we give cheerfully.

    Proverbs 3:9 and Deuteronomy 18:4 encourage us to give first for God's work. (By the way, auto debit giving is an easy to make sure God's work is accomplished first in your budget!)

    Matthew 6:19-24 has instruction from Jesus about storing up heavenly treasure instead of earthly.

    Malachi 3:8-10 teaches how important the tithe (giving 10%) is and how God's blessings flow from our generosity. 

    Matthew 25:14-30 is a parable (a short teaching story) that Jesus uses to remind us how important it is to use wisely what God has trusted to us.

    1 Timothy 6:17-19 also reminds us to avoid materialism and focus on God's work.
    How can I learn more about giving?
  • This message series, Extraordinary Growth, would really help you understand and grow in faith by the gift of giving!
    Can I give through Amazon Smile?
  • Yes, we have an account with Amazon Smile which costs you nothing, but St. Paul's receives .05% of all purchases made through Amazon. Simply visit Amazon Smile. In the search bar labeled "Or pick your own charitable organization" search for "St Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church Aberdeen" Once you select this, it will remain your chosen charity for future purchases. Make sure all purchases are made through Amazon Smile. Thanks so much for giving in this way!
    How do I know my giving is well used?
  • We take seriously the trust people have placed in the church so each year the budget is created in an open process where anyone can make suggestions.  That budget is then reviewed and approved by the church council and forwarded to the entire congregation for their inspection, prayer and vote. In the end, it's the congregation's best discernment of how God wants us to use the funds with which we're entrusted. 

    A fully transparent system of checks and balances with church council monthly reporting and quarterly congregational reporting assures proper use of those funds, including a complete audit each year. 

    What if my circumstances change, can I change my giving?
  • Definitely! God's plan is that 90% of our wealth meets the needs of our daily life and we dedicate 10% for God's use. Challenging times and blessings come and we need to make adjustments. If you are giving through Auto Debit, you can use the links above to change your giving online or request a new form. 

    Is online giving safe?
  • Yes! We use for online giving and they follow the industries highest security standards. 

    I'd like to arrange some legacy giving such as my will. Who can I speak with?
  • When you've lived a life of giving, you realize there is also the opportunity to be a blessing even after you're in heaven! You're welcome to email Pastor for some financial advisors who can be helpful.