Great Christian Education Program
During the Contemporary Service

Our KidSafari Christian education program is open to students in PreK through 5th grade.  At KidSafari we turn the bible stories into an adventure where students can experience first hand what God is up to in scripture and in their lives. 

KidSafari explorers will enjoy the beginning of worship in the sanctuary with their families and then depart to their small group spaces after receiving communion or a blessing.  They will travel with their small groups through team builders, music and dancing, bible stories, activities and teachings. Our hope is that KidSafari explorers will build relationships with their peers and trusted adults,  while learning  how much God loves them and how they can grow with Jesus.

We created this program because we take very seriously the responsibility and opportunity to impact a child's life! In fact, this website and also this one detail how faith and church positively affect children and youth!  Our volunteers desire to partner with parents so kids feel acceptance and joy, going to new and deeper levels with Jesus Christ. Join us this year on this journey because faith isn't just something you know, it's something you live!


If you have any questions, you can contact Colleen Carpenter-Gonia, Director of Student Ministries!

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