High School

  High School  


A High School Youth Ministry that prepares students for leadership inside and outside a congregation by...

gathering for team building, bible study and discussion.

learning how to GROW in faith and follow Jesus.

becoming disciples of Christ.

to get involved with our High School Leadership Ministry email Youth@growwithJesus.org.


Road Trip is a weekend of service projects, faith-filled discussions, and relationship-building in small groups. 
Road Trip includes opportunities to worship with brothers and sisters in Christ from around the Delaware-Maryland Synod.
Road Trip will teach you how God is speaking through you to the world in Global Grace!
Road Trip is held in Ocean City, Maryland each January.

To register for RoadTrip please complete the Individual Registration Form
(and the Scholarship Form, if necessary) then return, along with deposit, to the Student Ministries Office or Youth@growwithJesus.org

Lutheran Youth Organization 

The Lutheran Youth Organization, or LYO, is the high school youth leadership program for the Delaware-Maryland Synod.

Youth are organized into one of six teams to live into their God-given gifts and sharpen their skills for service in our synod, their own congregation, and the surrounding community. Each team is mentored by two to three gifted adults, and led by one primary young person selected by each team at the beginning of each year.

To learn more about the Lutheran Youth Organization, click here!