St. Paul's Staff

  St. Paul's Staff  
Pastor Stuart Luce
Pastor Stuart helps keep St. Paul's on track to help people grow with Jesus. He'd be glad to help in any way possible so give him a call or send him an email!
Church Office: 410-272-3111, ext 2
To learn more about Pastor Stuart, check out these FAQ's!
Director of Student Ministries
Our previous staff person left for a position with Lutheran World Relief so we are presently searching and discerning for this position. If you or someone you know is interested or has questions about our children and youth ministry, please contact Pastor Stuart Luce.
Church Office:  410-272-3111, ext 2 

Becky Kennedy, Parish Secretary
Becky will likely be the first voice you'll hear if you call St. Paul's and she handles most of the communication and organization! If there is any way we can be helpful, call or email Becky. 
Church Office:  410-272-3111, ext 1
Jane Martin, Organist and Choir Director
Jane leads our traditional worship service from the organ and works with the choir! If you're interested in joining or learning more about the choir, please email Jane.
Jake Bauer, Contemporary Music Director
Jake leads the Joyful Noize Band who lead the contemporary worship service! If you're interested in joining the band or want to learn more, please email Jake!
Jen Savin, Bell Choir Director
Jen leads the bell choir who play occassionally for the worship services. If you're interested in learning more about joining this fun team, please email Jen.
Eva Fuentes, Financial Secretary
Eva handles most of the financial transactions at St. Paul's including any questions about giving. If there is any way she can be helpful, call or email Eva. 
Church Office:  410-272-3111, ext 4
Carol Wier, Nursery Worker
Carol cares for younger children at both of the services and has had full background checks, as have all children and youth workers at St. Paul's. You can email Carol here.
Brenda Conjour, Custodian
Brenda helps make sure the facilities are clean, hospitable and in good working order to facilitiate our busy ministries! You can email her here!
Hope Russell, Custodian
Hope also helps make sure the facilities are clean, hospitable and in good working order to facilitiate our busy ministries!
Matthew Kennedy, Tech Support
Matthew helps to make sure our technology is up and running well to also facilitate our ministry!