Great Christian Education Program
During the Contemporary Service
September 11, 2016-May 21, 2017

St. Paul's "Dream Team" last year developed a great new, fun, experiential program that helps kids in Pre-School through 5th grade experience and grow in God's love!

The kids will enjoy the beginning of worship in the sanctuary with their families and then depart after communion or a blessing and travel down to the gathering space where they will journey through music, games, small groups and teaching that will help them apply Bible stories to their lives. We pray and have designed this ministry so that kids make friends, learn from trusted adults and learn how much God loves them and how their friend Jesus can help them in everyday life.

We created this program because we take very seriously the responsibility and opportunity to impact a child's life! In fact, this website and also this one detail the many studies and scholarly reports about how faith and church positively affect children and youth!  Our volunteers desire to partner with parents so kids feel acceptance and joy, going to new and deeper levels with Jesus Christ! Join us this year on this journey because faith isn't just something you know, it's something you live!


If you have any questions, you can contact Colleen Carpenter-Gonia, Director of Student Ministries!

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